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Our company, "Infinity-Trade", was founded in 2014 by a group of socially-minded entrepreneurs who saw the need for accessible financial services for low-income individuals and small businesses. They believed that by providing small loans and other trading services to these populations, they could help to promote economic growth and reduce poverty in their community.
In the early days,Infinity-trade focused on providing small loans to micro-entrepreneurs in their local area. They quickly realized that there was a high demand for their services and decided to expand their operations by opening new branches in other cities.
As the company grew, they started to offer a wider range of financial services, such as savings accounts, insurance, and money transfers. They also began to develop innovative new products, such as mobile investment services, to make it easier for their customers to access their services.
In 2015,infinity-trade received an investment from a major venture capital firm, which allowed them to scale up their operations and expand into new markets. By 2016,Infinity-Trade had become one of the largest microfinance companies in the country, serving thousands of customers and other financial services.
Throughout its history, Infinity-Trade has always been guided by its mission to empower and promote economic growth. 

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